REGENECURE specializes in the development of biomaterials and bone tissue engineering focusing on the design, manufacture, and marketing of innovative products for the global orthopedic and dental surgery markets.

Our products provide guided bone regeneration for applications in trauma, spine, and reconstructive cranial and facial orthopedics. Our AMCA Bone Membrane offers user-friendly regenerative implants for minimally invasive procedures to help the body heal faster.


REGENECURE takes pleasure in introducing BoneCure® the first regenerative membrane implant developed for household pets. BoneCure® Membrane is used worldwide by veterinary surgeons for the following indications: Non-union, large bone gaps, carpal arthrodesis, fresh fractures, comminuted fractures & grade I open fractures. 

For Veterinary use only

Please visit the BoneCure® website: www.bonecure.co.il

The REGENECURE Advantages

  • Unique technology makes possible groundbreaking surgical solutions that keep invasive procedures to a minimum through single-stage fracture repair
  • A family of products for various indications in the area of trauma with proven capability to serve as an effective drug and cell delivery carrier

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